Commander Thaddeus Kaspar

COMMANDER THADDEUS KASPAR - Stubborn, cocky, rugged,
divorced 40ish pilot of the Abagail. Very courageous, a battler, won’t
leave any man behind


“Mr. Blakely?” Thaddeus’s Russian accent was very thick, but
Adrian had no trouble understanding it. .
“Are you sure you and your friend aren’t enjoying fine American
drink and women at the local bar down the street?” Adrian coolly
accessed the weather page that linked him to every possible country
in the world. He needed the highly evolved laptop to prepare his
shipments for delivery across the globe. He scanned the data with
a sharp eye. Russia was underneath the heavy fist of a damaging
snowstorm. Kaspar was indeed telling the truth; a major snowstorm
had crippled Russia’s main airports and roadways. Travel was at a
“How late will you be?” Adrian asked.
“I will be landing at J.F.K. in under an hour.”
“I will send someone to pick you up.”
“I’m brining Dr. Philene Fanchon with me, as well.”
“Dumb luck, as you American’s would say. We ran into each
other and Ulysses starting talking to her.”
“She was at a science convention of some sort here at one of
our highly regarded museums,” Kaspar replied.”I am not really into
that sort of thing, but Ulysses tends to be. He enjoys keeping a pulse
on the science conventions and the like.”
“Enough about your personal life, I need the three of you here
as soon as possible.” Adrian flipped the cell phone closed without
waiting for a reply.

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