Europa Synopsis/Character List

On the heels of Nolan Drake’s warning that a long active super volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park is on the verge of eruption, the President of the United States orchestrates a mission to Europa, where colonization is already underway. As Earth's inevitable demise draws near, Adrian Blakely, a shady and mysterious billionaire offers his services and his fleet of ships which will lead a top-notch team to Europa where they will encounter a long dormant alien species buried underneath the moon’s icy surface. Mankind will have to make one final stand against a new enemy in order to not only save each other, but the entire galaxy in:

E U R O P A:
Rise Of The Carnelians

For the last ten years, I’ve always wanted to write a sci-fi novel, and finally came up with the perfect storyline. After months of watching nothing but the Discovery and Science Channels, I fleshed out the storyline to Europa. I have for the first time have included my notes about the main characters of the novel. I wanted to do something different and offer you the reader a quick look into these characters as they play out their parts over the next three-hundred pages. As I reached the end of the novel, I decided that I will continue Europa as a trilogy. I have such a rich collection of characters, enemies, heroes, and background to stuff it into one book.
So sit back, relax, turn out the lights and follow the adventures of Commander Thaddeus Kaspar and his crew as they try and stave off a sinister alien enemy that threatens not the team’s lives, but the possibility of mankind’s as well.


PRESIDENT JACKSON FORSYTHE-President Of The United States, son of the late, great Quentin Forsythe who held the key in wiping out a vicious worldwide disease in Africa back in 2003. now his son provides the chance to save earth as historic Yellowstone National park unleashes a long dormant cataclysmic super volcano that swallows earth up in its wake. He organizes a desperate mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, where frozen water and volcanoes are discovered. Early 40's, 1st African-American president.

NOLAN DRAKE-45 Year old volcano expert, red hair, intelligent scientist who alerts president of impending doom when a series of devastating earthquakes rip Yellowstone National Park apart and ignites the super volcano.

COMMANDER THADDEUS KASPAR-Stubborn, cocky, rugged, divorced 40ish Russian pilot of the Abagail. Very courageous, a battler, won’t leave any man behind. Develops a relationship with Gillie.

ULYSSES TARRANT-Co-pilot/engineer- mid-50's, very adept at his work, both mechanical and piloting. Father figure on ship, very opinionated, hates injustice.

SETH PADGETT–Medic, top in his field. In his mid-20's, smart, wise-ass, and very good at his craft. Has spent most of time at Rollins Hospital in Rhode Island.

Brilliant geologist/scientist, tough and firm, Irish with red hair and in her early 30's. Develops a crush on Commander Thaddeus Kaspar.

-Communications expert, early 20's, full of knowledge in field of communication, otherwise a bit on shy side. Attending West Point. Her father is a well-known Senator. Develops a liking for Seth.

DR. PHILENE FANCHON- French archaeologist, early 30's black hair, intelligent, loves all of God’s creations, fascinated by ancient relics and cultures. She begins an odd relationship with Adrian Blakely. Her passion fuels her desire to find life on Europa.


ADRIAN BLAKELY-A shadowy technological billionaire who finances the trip to Europa aboard his prized spaceship the Abagail, which means, “Father’s Joy.” Adrian is a typical ego maniac, but without his money and technology, Earth would be doomed. Late 40's, health is failing due to a rare genetic disease and he wants this to be his landmark trip, his legacy. Does not care about crossing the line between good/evil to gain what he seeks.

CARNELIAN’S- A carnivorous, ravenous race found beneath the Europa surface. Able to adapt to the icy cliffs, surroundings as they once populated the once thriving moon. After a massive ice age buried Europa in ice, the Carnelian’s became frozen race in their perspective places. After several attempts at gaining water, one of Europa’s teams accidentally thaws out the Carnelian’s using fission bombs to separate the tectonic plates even further to encourage volcanic eruptions to heat the core. Their intelligence is superior and can they mimics anything, their unique antenna’s are equipped with a brain that provides them with the ability of mind control. They also have retractable claws used for swimming or climbing cliffs/tough terrain. They eat their prey by killing them using their sharpened claws, or they open their hands, equipped with suckers that draw blood, fluid, muscle, eventually leaving only bones and skin left behind. The race dates back 4 billon years and will stop at nothing to find a new home and repopulate the galaxy as they once did. They built underground caves and tunnels beneath the surface once the sun escaped from their atmosphere. They continued to live in the waters until the frozen landscape all but eliminated their species. They shared the vast ocean waters with several carnivorous organisms that perished during the moon’s ice age.
They can regenerate, cut them in half, they duplicate and so forth. The species varies from 6
inches, 1 foot in their infancy stage to 2 feet as full grown adults. They can penetrate their prey {like a tapeworm} and control the prey’s mind from within.

Supporting Cast

NIGEL BRODY-Captain of The Amity. In his 60's, and stranded on the space station with his crew. He is a well disciplined leader, never leaves his team behind.

MATTHEW SHAW-Lieutenant of the Amity, 50's, rugged, boorish, expert hunter, only survivor from the Amity. He will stop at nothing to eradicate the alien’s threat.

-30's, communications expert, African-American, highly motivated, hyper.

ELLEN MICHAELS-40's, geologist, only woman on the Amity.



Europa, my sixth novel, has been comfirmed for a July 4th, 2009 release from my publisher Stonegarden.net., and has been picked up as a trilogy.

I amm currently underway on Europa 2: Wrath of the Carnelians.

More details to follow..




I've included a bonus chapter of my forthcoming sci-fi novel, Europa: Rise of the Carnelians in my newest release "The Woodsman" which can be found only at Lulu.com, retails for 8.95 and I've included the synopsis below..

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008-

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Europa Franchise

After several exhausting months of tinkering, one of my dearest friends and fellow authors, Peter Swanson has come up with a sensational trio of covers for my Europa Franchise.

Here they are:



Great News... Europa has been picked up by my publisher Stonegarden.net for a tentative 2009 release. I sent in the contract yesterday. This is fantastic as now I can rest assured the Europa franchise will be given the same exclesior attention that the Quiver series and Contagion has been given.



Dwight "Bud" Stephens

After the unforseen death of my hero, my mantra for coolness, my Uncle, I have decided to write in a Marine character in honor of my late uncle. This will take place during the second and third books of the Europa franchise, which I am currently working on, aiming for a May deadline to wrap up the second book, and late fall for the entire series.

In other news, I am currently browsing possible placement for my sci-novel Europa, if not, then I will continue with my publisher Stonegarden.net