I've included a bonus chapter of my forthcoming sci-fi novel, Europa: Rise of the Carnelians in my newest release "The Woodsman" which can be found only at Lulu.com, retails for 8.95 and I've included the synopsis below..

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008-

The Woodsman, a short gritty novella by sucessful horror author Jason gehlert is a gory, horror piece set in the late 1800's, where a deranged woodsman begins to hunt down innocent victims. It is his first release of 2008 and available exclusively through Lulu.com.


Black Rock, Pennsylvania: 1887-1888- A group of naive teenagers stumble upon something in the forest jeopardizing their survival. Now, six months later evil has returned to the small town to claim its new victims including the local barber, and local butcher,. A cocky sheriff itching for glory works with an aging mayor with his own mysterious past, to uncover the truth. Once Sheriff Dalton Pierce goes missing, the Mayor must rely upon his wits and skill to lead the investigation which all leads back to a mysterious woodsman. For in these woods a dark evil lies. Someone or something is hungrily roaming the hills of Black Rock and it's coming for you...

You can find it here