Book Reviews

Your creeping and crumbling old TombKeeper is always on the lookout for fresh and exciting fiction for beady-eyed TombRats to read, and tonight I have a pair of outstanding genre hybrids that will delight practically everyone! Enjoy!


The year is 1895 and the outpost town of Dry Gulch, Arizona has been invaded by demon gunslingers. What to do? Why, you enlist the services of Sheriff Clay Obsidian, a broken-down drunk with a legendary past who just happens to be the owner of a demon revolver. With the help of a lowly newspaper writer who is chronicling the sheriff's life, it's time for a bloody showdown in the dusty streets of Dry Gulch in this white-knuckle tale of horror in the Old West, "Demon Revolver". In "The Woodsman, Part II", Mr. Gehlert follows up his popular Amazon Shorts story, "The Woodsman", with a stark tale of a sheriff and a Vietnam vet who join forces to destroy a child-mauling monster that hails from the 19th century. In "The Ghost Bride", ghastly horror imperils courtly romance when a pair of lovers finds themselves in a fight for their lives against a demon that threatens to destroy them both. Finally, Tammy Gehlert offers a heartfelt ode to her husband's QUIVER werewolf series with her own story titled "Quivering Dreams" featuring characters from Lupine Valley, where anything can happen and does, as Mrs. Gehlert ably demonstrates with surprising twist ending. DEMON REVOLVER AND OTHER TALES OF TERROR is a shuddersome collection of fast paced, innovative and entertaining tales of horror.


I'm a big fan of multi-genre novels, and Mr. Gehlert sweeps the genres I enjoy most with his horror/space opera/disaster thriller/action novel EUROPA: RISE OF THE CARNELIANS. And who wouldn't love a tale that opens with this line: For the past ten years, Nolan Drake was a constant bug in the government's ass. I liked Nolan Drake from the get-go. Drake is a volcano expert whose warnings that the Yellowstone super volcano is preparing to explode prompts the President of the United States to organize a make-or-break mission to the sixth moon of Jupiter, Europa, to shelter the future of humanity. Europa has an iron core, an oxygen-based atmosphere, and colonization is already in progress when Commander Thaddeus Kasper is selected to head the urgent mission to Europa that has been undertaken to save the human race when Yellowstone erupts. But there's something unexpected occurring on Jupiter's sixth moon; a dormant alien race is waking beneath the icy surface of Europa, and Commander Kasper is leading a fleet of ships owned by a shifty billionaire with a secret agenda that might compromise the entire mission. And the aliens beneath the ice--the Carnelians--aren't friendly. Behind Kasper's ship, the Abagail, Earth's days are numbered as Yellowstone's super volcano rumbles and roils. Looming before the Abagail is a last-ditch battle for the survival of mankind on Jupiter's moon, Europa. EUROPA: RISE OF THE CARNELIANS is a rousing kick-off to a trilogy featuring the swashbuckling space adventures of Commander Thaddeus Kasper and his memorable crew. Get in on the action and order the first novel in what promises to be another killer series by Jason Gehlert.


Commander Thaddeus Kaspar

COMMANDER THADDEUS KASPAR - Stubborn, cocky, rugged,
divorced 40ish pilot of the Abagail. Very courageous, a battler, won’t
leave any man behind


“Mr. Blakely?” Thaddeus’s Russian accent was very thick, but
Adrian had no trouble understanding it. .
“Are you sure you and your friend aren’t enjoying fine American
drink and women at the local bar down the street?” Adrian coolly
accessed the weather page that linked him to every possible country
in the world. He needed the highly evolved laptop to prepare his
shipments for delivery across the globe. He scanned the data with
a sharp eye. Russia was underneath the heavy fist of a damaging
snowstorm. Kaspar was indeed telling the truth; a major snowstorm
had crippled Russia’s main airports and roadways. Travel was at a
“How late will you be?” Adrian asked.
“I will be landing at J.F.K. in under an hour.”
“I will send someone to pick you up.”
“I’m brining Dr. Philene Fanchon with me, as well.”
“Dumb luck, as you American’s would say. We ran into each
other and Ulysses starting talking to her.”
“She was at a science convention of some sort here at one of
our highly regarded museums,” Kaspar replied.”I am not really into
that sort of thing, but Ulysses tends to be. He enjoys keeping a pulse
on the science conventions and the like.”
“Enough about your personal life, I need the three of you here
as soon as possible.” Adrian flipped the cell phone closed without
waiting for a reply.

Adrian Blakely

ADRIAN BLAKELY - A shadowy billionaire. Egocentric. Without
his money and technology, Earth would be doomed. Late 40’s, failing
health due to a rare genetic disease. Does not care about crossing the
line between good/evil to gain what he seeks.


Adrian Blakely walked around his large office, intermittently
gazing out of the deluxe sized window, and staring down at the
people scattered across the courtyard below.
A sharp dressed man, he had a taste for only the best in life.
Like moths drawn to the proverbial flame. His thoughts randomly
skipped about inside his cramped brain.
He was always a step ahead of the masses. It was through his
complete control of modern technological advances that the general
public survived. Adrian was a very intelligent man, using his wits
and fortune to build and monopolize the corner on manufacturing.
His business was the sole distributor of steel, metal, building
supplies, pharmaceuticals, and anything else one could think of in
the manufacturing industry. His vast fortune led Adrian into a fancy
lifestyle that included fast cars, boats, and luxurious homes spread
throughout North America. Even his diamond cuff links were culled
from the finest stones, and his suits supplied by top-notch tailors.
His unlimited cash flow had helped recharge NASA’s dying space
exploration program. The newest ships, Europa’s colonization, and
the brand new space station all came from Adrian’s deep pockets.
NASA owed their recovery to Adrian Blakely.
A self-made billionaire, at forty-three he had serious health
concerns of late that had sidetracked his latest project. But now, as all
the pieces started to come together, Adrian wanted to make a legacy
for his name, beyond the corporate world. Adrian had decided not
only to finance the president’s Europa colonization campaign, but
also spearhead the construction of a series of mammoth spaceships
that would transport the president’s handpicked men and women to
the planet’s frozen moon.
Adrian had garnered a close relationship with President Forsythe.
Not only on a business spectrum, since Adrian’s companies supplied
the world with 3/8 of their needs, but also as a personal friend.
Adrian heard his telecom jingling, which meant he had an
incoming call. Adrian had canceled all his planned meetings for the
day to work on a personal project. Walking slowly, he finally took
refuge in the leather chair and pressed the button to see who was
calling. President Forsythe’s haggard face stared back at him.
“Adrian? How are you today?” the president asked.
“You’re looking a bit tired,” Forsythe observed.
“It must be the camera,” Adrian snorted.”It’s probably dusty.”
“Yeah, it could be. I thought you had the best of the best over
“You didn’t just call me for chit-chat, did you?” Adrian could
read his old friend like a book.
“How’s our girl Abagail doing?”
“She’s doing well. Almost ready for her big trip.”
“We’re going to have to move the trip up. My contact in
Yellowstone has indicated that the volcano could be ready to erupt
very soon.”
“Not a problem.”
“I have a favor to ask of you, Adrian.” Forsythe lowered those
normally unwavering eyes and looked at his hands. Nolan knew
something was up.
“Name it.”
“I’m emailing over a list to you.”
“What for?” Adrian adjusted his thin wired frames, studying the
man in the screen.
“I want you to personally recruit these people for your trip.”
“I only take my own.” Adrian replied angrily.
“I’m the president, and this is the list I’ve prepared.”
“It’s my ship, Jackie,” Adrian snapped.”This is my dance.”
“I asked you to build a ship for me, not to fly it. That’s what
pilots are for.”
“You’re being a prick, sir.”
“Just do this for me, Adrian. These are hard-working people.
I will need the best on that spaceship if we are to make this trip a
“Yeah, yeah. I understand. I’m ready for the list.”
“Good. I’m sending it now.”
“Thank you for letting me in on this,” Adrian said.
“Ever since your dishonorable discharge from the war, your
dream of serving as an astronaut became a moot point.”
“Do you have to remind me?”
“Every day.”
“That’s what friends are for?” Adrian glanced around the
room.”I’m excited about this trip. I’ve made Abby the best of her
fleet.””According to NASA, it will take eight years to reach Europa.”
Forsythe’s eyes rolled, his face shifting inside the screen.
Adrian’s face twisted with a wily grin.”I’ve added a personal
touch that should cut that time in half.”
“Let’s say I have the best engineers working for me,” Adrian
responded coolly.”I have some parlor tricks up my sleeve.”
“Interesting,” Forsythe acknowledged.”I’m looking at week’s
end for departure.”
“I’m on it. I’ll take my jet.”
“That’s it; woo them with your fame and fortune.”
“Is there any other way?” Adrian knew his ego ruled him, but
considered that to be his greatest asset.”My dashing good looks
should also sway them to join the cause.”
“You’re a character in every sense of the word.” Forsythe’s
picture started to fade to black.”I will contact you after my State of
Union address.”
“I’m sure you will.” Adrian clicked open the attachment Forsythe
sent him and poured over the contents.
Adrian sat back to think through his next plan of action.

Dwight "Bud" Stephens

mid 60’s, silver hair, rugged face, a born leader, leading military
officer of Athena’s crew.


Nolan Drake took the ticket and tapped it against the arm rest
of the wheelchair while he peered down at the video player. His ran
his fingernails across the sleek screen, prompting the video to begin
A man’s grizzled image surfaced with refined clarity. Nolan
immediately recognized the aging hero. Sergeant Stephens walked
across the underground facility somewhere in the southern
hemisphere. Nolan guessed it was the South Pole based on his
previous conversation with Senator Perry. “We are preparing the
Apollo for her maiden voyage,” Stephen’s stern, yet friendly voice
began the introduction. “We are about to embark on a mission to
save civilization on orders from the President himself. I am one
of the commanding officers on the ship, and our ship’s manifest
is swelling with engineers, teachers, doctors, scientists, and their
families, along with several military and NASA personnel.”
Nolan traced his fingernail over the screen fast-forwarding the
speech to the end.
Chatter in the background distracted Stephens for a brief
moment. “For those of you who have perished in Yellowstone’s
wake, we offer a moment of silence,” he paused, “for those of
you lucky enough to have the last ticket to New Earth, I offer you
Godspeed and safe travels.”
Nolan glanced down at the ticket:

The Athena
Departure: January 2, 7 pm
Arturo Pratt Naval Base, Antarctica
Destination: New Earth


Gillian Shea

GILLIAN "JILL” SHEA - Brilliant geologist/scientist, tough and
strict, Irish with red hair, in her early 30’s.

Gillian Shea
Times Square
New York City
2:45 PM
Thousands of resident New Yorkers stood below the gigantic
screen, watching their president well into his lengthy State of The
Union address. Their eyes were cemented to his presence on the
screen. Watching. Waiting. They hung on to every word, clinging to
each like a newborn to a blanket.
Gillian Shea, a fiery thirty-year-old Irish geologist, stood cramped
inside the gathering crowd. A swift wind blew her short red hair and
danced just below her ears. Her fingers adjusted small wire framed
glasses that rested slightly above an inadequate nose. Her desire to
purchase contacts had become a faded reality once she found out
how irregular her corneas had become. Clutched over her shoulder,
a sturdy black knapsack that harbored her vitals: laptop, journals,
and plenty of vitamin water, along with some health bars for hunger
Gillian unconsciously measured the landscape around her,
mentally contemplating the layers of limestone and shale under her
feet . Even New York had its hidden dangers. Knowing she was the
best geologist in the country, if not the world, didn’t help her shake
this annoying habit. Nor did her frequent visits to the Oval Office
that had her fellow colleagues drooling in envy. She smiled at the
thought and focused on Forsythe’s haggard face. The president had
always welcomed her into his good graces, ever since Yellowstone
had begun her slow ascent to imminent eruption. Annihilation made
strange bedfellows.
The graying clouds hovered over the infamous Times Square,
ready to burst with snowflakes. Gillian adjusted her hat, pulling it
taut over her ears.
"Do you believe this jackoff?” A man coarsely nudged into
Gillian’s personal space.
“Excuse me?” She threw him a dirty look and pounded the cold
out of her shoulders to increase the distance between them.
“This guy blows smoke. Yellowstone’s ready to blow? C’mon.
Blow me, that’s what I say.” The abrasive man extended his middle
finger high above his head and waved in the direction of the television
“This is serious, buddy,” Gillian scrunched her face at the man’s
intense alcoholic laden breath.”When she erupts, there will be
nothing left on this planet.”
“When you erupt,” he snorted back. His pupils widened and he
gave her a perverse grin.”Is that an invitation?”
Gillian cocked a small fist and chucked it directly into the
man’s belly, sending him spiraling towards the hard, cold pavement.
His body lay strewn over the chipped white crosswalk, as several
members of the crowd scrambled over him, not caring one iota if
they stepped on him.
“Now, that’s grit,” said a man on the other side of the sprawled
Gillian sized him up in one glance and squared her shoulders.”You
want some, too?” she snapped. She looked directly into his shifty,
black eyes, waiting for him to be like the other abrasive man. But
his cane deterred her for a moment, as a feeling of empathy swept
over her, reminding her of her college years when a drunk driver had
left her unable to walk for several months. The man closed the gap
between them, and Gillian noticed his aging good looks, black hair,
and definitive limp. It was him, it had to be.
“No.” The man waved his hands in a meager defense.”I come
in peace.”
“Peace? What exactly do you want from me?” Gillian noticed
the crowd expanding around them.
“I am in need of your assistance with a very urgent matter.” His
words were short and efficient.
Gillian and Adrian were caught in between a steady wave of
people, as they pushed and prodded their way through. It started to
make normal conversation quite difficult.
A scattering of snow danced through the cold air, sticking to
Gillian’s glasses. “I didn’t catch your name,” she said.
“My name is Adrian Blakely, and the president sent me.”
“That’s the dumbest come on line ever,” Gillian replied as she
wiped off the snow, and peeked at the president’s address. She
continued to search her mind for information on Adrian.
“Seriously.” Adrian leaned on his brace.”The fate of the world
hangs in the balance.”
“Where do you get these lines? I hope you kept the receipt.”
Gillian began to head north through the suffocating crowd.
She heard Adrian’s muffled voice behind her as several people
filled the void between them..”Gillian Shea!” he hollered above the
noisy crowd.
How did he know her name? She turned her head out of
a curiosity and caught a glimpse of several people brushing past
Adrian, knocking him off balance and sending him to ground. The
crowd trampled over the helpless man, stepping on his metal brace.
Not one stopped with a helpful hand.
Shit, I can’t leave him on the ground. Gillian coached herself to
go back and help Adrian.
“Here,” she said, extending her hand.
“Thank you.” Adrian took hold and pulled himself up, resting
again on the battered brace.
“How did you know my name?”
“President Forsythe sent me to find you.”
Gillian was bewildered at the answer.”Out here in Times
“I was actually headed to your offices, but happened to stumble
on you in the streets instead.” Adrian looked up at the screen.”If he’s
right, we don’t have enough time.”
“I agree.”
“Please take my card.” Adrian handed her a small black and gold
business card.
“Blakely Aeronautics? That name sounds familiar. Have you
ever spoken at Tulane University?
“Yeah, several years ago. Why, where you there?”
“Yes. I was a student at the time and found your talents very
“Be there tonight around 7 PM.” He tapped the card, and Gillian
tightened her grip on it, whistling it out of his fingers aggressively.
She didn’t know why.
“I don’t understand,” she said.
“Your talents are needed for this special mission of the
Gillian didn’t know whether or not believe him. Adrian’s eyes
looked stern and sympathetic at the same time. She scowled at
him.”Talents?” Gillian wasn’t sure where Adrian was going with this.
She started to understand Adrian’s sly nature.
“You are one of the leading world-renowned geologists,
correct?” Adrian asked with a raise of his eyebrow.
“Yes, I am.” Gillian placed the card into her jacket pocket.
“Well then, you are just the person I need. Just the person the
president needs for this important task.”
“I’ll bite,” Gillian replied as she stared Adrian down.”Don’t fuck
with me. I land a nasty uppercut.”
“Oh, I know. I saw you lay that guy out before.” Adrian turned
around and began his slow exit from the crowd.
“Okay then. 7:00.”
Gillian’s lower lip grew into a giddy smile. Her mind got the best
of her. A special mission from the president.
Then it hit her. Of course, Adrian Blakely, billionaire. The
richest man in the world. Gillian remembered full well his standing
in American society. His wealth and crude monopolistic practices
earned Adrian a coveted place inside the president’s close circle,
and one of Adrian’s side projects supported geological science. A
true love of Gillian’s. Was that why the president had tagged her? If
anyone could sponsor such a task, it would be Adrian Blakely.
A gust of wind stirred, twirling the snow around the gigantic
television screen. A collection of snowflakes floated across President
Forsythe’s face as he wrapped up his State of the Union address.

Lt. Matthew Shaw

MATTHEW SHAW - Lieutenant of the Amity, 50’s, rugged, boorish,
expert hunter..

Lieutenant Shaw raced down the corridors of the Abagail,
wondering if he had the Carnelians hot on his trail. He occasionally
looked back and found nothing but darkness staring back at him.
Taking a deep breath, Shaw made it back to the hangar’s large
doors and slipped through them. He backed into the space station’s
Kaspar was waiting for Shaw, greeting him with a hearty shove
to the shoulder. “Is he...?”
“Ulysses saved our lives.” Shaw picked off his gloves using his
teeth. He then took off his goggles, letting them hang loosely around
his neck. “Did you find the other pair of goggles?”
“Yeah,” Kaspar replied. “I have them right here in my pocket.”
“Good. We will need them once the power drains.” Shaw glanced
at the flickering lights. “It’s only a matter of hours at this point.”
“How did Ulysses save our lives?” Kaspar asked, wondering
what sort of heroic deed the wily engineer had performed.
“He was working on the mainframe, when the horde swarmed
over his body.” Shaw recounted. “I was too far back to lend an
immediate hand. Ulysses waved over to me to shoot down the
electrical wires high above his head. After they were severed, he
let the Carnelian’s swarm over his body, before he unleashed the
electrical surge through his entire body, and theirs. Needless to
say, Ulysses has successfully taken out a large number. I personally
believe they were hiding in the engine room because it was dark. The
rest of the ship still has some lighting.”
“Now what?”
“Captain Brody had some C-4 and dynamite left over from our
last mission. We had to blow through some of the moon’s stubborn
rocks during our last surface expedition in order to retrieve some
elements for study.”
“That’s good news. Where are they?”
“If I had to guess, back in his locker. He had mentioned it earlier
this month, before everything went into the shitter.”
“Then what?” Kaspar asked. “You said there was a main
generator room?”
“Yeah, right by the second hangar bay. The main generator runs
vertically down the space station, linking both floors. There are three
emergency gliders in the docking bay on the far end of the space
station on the lower level. Reggie found them one night during his
restless night walks. He was very hyper during his stay. I think he was
starting to go stir crazy inside these walls.”
“I will gather the others. You set the explosives in the generator
room. We will blow this thing from the inside out,” Kaspar
“Your banking on the fact that Ulysses has fixed the Abagail’s
engine problem.” Shaw fidgeted about as if he were searching for
something. “By the way where’s our friend?”
“Adrian? Don’t know. Probably with the others.”
“Listen. If your friend has been compromised in any way, once
the lights go out, he will be in his glory. We will need these goggles
to keep pace with him.”
“Gillian doesn’t have a pair.”
“Then I suggest you keep her close to you,” Shaw
“I know Ulysses fixed the problem. I have faith.”
“Stupid question,” Shaw said.
“If Adrian has the alien’s powers, he will be definitely looking to
get off this station and head out for another place to live.”
“I can bet he used Ulysses to fix the ship for him. You will be
needed to fly the thing and, your lady friend will survive because
Adrian will want to prolong his species.”
“That sounds quite complex. Where does that leave you,
“I’m not leaving you behind.”
“Listen, I’m your only chance here. I’ll lure Adrian away from
you so you can get the crew back to the ship and out of here. I’ll
blow this thing sky high along with Adrian.”
“What if it goes wrong?”
“Then we all die. By the looks of it, we are all headed down that
road anyway.”
“How do we keep in contact?”
“There are some spare radios back in the control room. I’ll take
one and you take one. We will keep in constant communication. Say,
every fifteen minutes?”
“Agreed. Let’s do this,” Kaspar said firmly shaking Shaw’s
“Don’t come back for me, no matter what.” Shaw stared directly
into the commander’s eyes. “No matter what. Repeat it for me.”
“No matter what,” Kaspar said reluctantly.
“We will need to boost our weapons. Let’s go raid the artillery
Shaw and Kaspar headed down the corridor to stock up on
weapons and to grab up the communication devices.



CARNELIAN’S - A carnivorous, ravenous race found throughout
the galaxy and on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

This piece is shown through Brody's Journal

Sun October 3

Everything has gone horribly wrong. Over the last few months we’ve made
some excellent strides in warming Europa’s icy core. However, in the process
we’ve encountered some sort of vicious alien species.
We’ve found several different forms of this blue organism that we found
During one of her missions, Ellen accidentally brought one back with her,
and it has since escaped into the dark recesses of the station.
Hooper and Shaw have seen many of these things escaping from underneath
the icy crust, literally swarming over the surface.
At first glance, these things seem to thrive in this type of climate and
environment. Shaw told me he has seen these organisms crawl, run, climb and
kill one another in vicious attacks. There are small ones, medium ones, and the
adult sized, which stand at about two feet tall.
Shaw also said they have some sort of antenna on their heads which seems
to be the centerpiece of their existence. He seems to think that these aliens can
communicate using the antenna.
I will maintain a close eye on these creatures.

Sun October 31

Reggie was attacked in the control room today by a swarm of these creatures.
They found their way through the air ducts and a small crack in one of the doors
in the lower level of the station. We are compromised and have started to arm
ourselves from the artillery room as a defensive measure.
Reggie was left for dead, his body a bloody mess from the vicious attack.
Shaw and I couldn’t get to him in time. These creatures had the entire room
flooded and our firepower wasn’t sufficient enough to eliminate the threat.
Shaw and I decided to divide and conquer.
I have been unable to locate Ellen. I fear she might have been attacked
somewhere else inside the station.
We have also lost contact with Earth and our own ship is beyond repair
at this point in time. We simply didn’t have enough time to work on her. Our
engineer was a part of the other team on the Amity. He died on the voyage out
here after his body failed from the frozen stasis.
We are stranded.

Sun November 14

It’s gotten worse here. I haven’t been out of my quarters in over a week. I
don’t even know if the rest of my team is alive. I am a prisoner inside my own
mind, as well as my quarters.
I’ve thought about blowing up the whole damn station, but I don’t have
enough manpower to pull it off. My explosives are in my locker, but I fear it is
too dangerous to attempt. These creatures have swarmed the station.
I have been studying them, trying to find their weakness.
They seem to prefer the dark, as they have chewed through many of the
electrical lines, blanketing most of the station in darkness. Only the main
corridor, and the medical and science labs are still well lit. However, the entire
lower level is blacked out.
The smaller ones seem to prefer to crawl and slink along. The larger ones
cause most of the damage. They are quick, violent, and cunning. They can run,
walk, crawl, even rolling themselves up and tumbling along the floor.
I was attacked in the hall the other day by the smaller worm-like organisms
on one of my few attempts to gain access to the explosives. I fell and hit my head
as I tried to slap them off of my body. I briefly blacked out, and when I awoke,
they were nowhere to be found. I searched my body and found several marks down
my arms and chest.
I don’t know what to do.

Sun November 21

I’m tired and sick.
My stomach churns. My throat’s scratched—I’m coughing up decent
amounts of blood. They haven’t come for me yet, although I feel some sort of
change inside me. I can see the skin on my arms and legs move. I feel I am
going crazy. Small bumps move across my arms and legs, indicating something is
crawling underneath my skin.
I’ve come up with a name for our new guests. The Carnelians. It’s what they
tell me their name is. I can hear them inside my head. They talk to me and urge
me to do these horrible things. I will not break to their will. I must stay strong.
They want me to get them off the moon and take them to this new planet I have
knowledge of.
They tell me that they crashed here on their journey through our solar system
to find new hosts. They have been frozen in stasis here on the moon ever since a
comet interrupted their ship’s course to Earth. They have come from several other
planets and use humans as hosts to do most of their evil bidding. I am starting
to understand why I never watched all those sci-fi movies alone in the dark.
I fear I am the only one left alive.
Ellen and Shaw have not come back.
I sit here alone in my quarters, tired and hungry. My stockade of juices,
teas, and coffee beans are diminishing as well as my putrid packages of freezedried
I was able to raid the kitchen almost without any sign of the aliens before
being attacked.
I am also in need of a shave. My beard is definitely fully grown. I feel dirty
and unclean.

Tue November 23

I can’t take it any longer. Forgive me, I have to end it now. I’ve made a video
journal and have left it by the laptop over on the table for the next team if they
make it here alive.
They are in my body and in my head. Their voices grow louder and louder
with every passing day. I can see their movements underneath my skin, and
there’s nothing I can do. I have tried cutting them out of my arms, but they are
too quick for me.
This is not how I wanted my life to end. But, there is no other choice.
My final words of advice?
Get the hell out. Don’t come here.
Always keep the lights on, and pray to your God.
If there is one.