Europa Franchise

After several exhausting months of tinkering, one of my dearest friends and fellow authors, Peter Swanson has come up with a sensational trio of covers for my Europa Franchise.

Here they are:



Great News... Europa has been picked up by my publisher Stonegarden.net for a tentative 2009 release. I sent in the contract yesterday. This is fantastic as now I can rest assured the Europa franchise will be given the same exclesior attention that the Quiver series and Contagion has been given.



Dwight "Bud" Stephens

After the unforseen death of my hero, my mantra for coolness, my Uncle, I have decided to write in a Marine character in honor of my late uncle. This will take place during the second and third books of the Europa franchise, which I am currently working on, aiming for a May deadline to wrap up the second book, and late fall for the entire series.

In other news, I am currently browsing possible placement for my sci-novel Europa, if not, then I will continue with my publisher Stonegarden.net